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You can get up and running with
agentivity typically without any change to your existing processes.


Agentivity is integrated with Galileo, Apollo, Amadeus and Sabre and it automatically captures of all your bookings as they are made and updated.

Your booking data is then continuously analysed and presented back to you in a range of reports you get access to online via a secure login.

In most cases, your staff does not have to do anything different in order for agentivity to work for you.


There is no software to install or dedicated servers required at your premises.

You get instant online access to your data and can add as many other logins your require for key members of your staff.


Agentivity reports on all your agency data, offering you a holistic view on what is going on.

If you are only looking at data from your back-office, chances are you are missing out on metrics such as true productivity, cancellation rates and what your staff spend their time on.

Agentivity receives data from your agency every time a booking is touched inside your agency!


Agentivity comes with a wide range of reports, but there is a lot more to it than just reporting.

Since we are continuously extracting your GDS data, we can also perform functions such as queue forwarding, to a very high level of complexity that you can control. This not only offers you peace of mind but could save you many working hours.

If you opt in for it, you will also receive a daily email that warns you of bookings due the next day, or next few days if on a Friday, that contain potential problematic segments, e.g. HX or UC.

Other key features include:

  • Account and Consultant productivity indicators
  • Advance booking patterns
  • Cancellation patterns of travellers
  • Easy GDS PNR history views
  • ...and much more

With agentivity you'll gain an insight into your business that is updated continously and reflecting the most recent activities.

daily view

Agentivity will classify all booking activity into five main categories, so you can see where your staff is spending most of their time. This same data is also viewable by corporate account, or by consultant sign-on, allowing you to truly focus on accounts or consultants that are not productive.

daily view